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Title: The impact of ICT on rural development in South Sudan: case study Rialbek Internet Café
Authors: Emmanuel Ariech, Deng Ariech
Keywords: ICT on Rural Development
Internet Cafe
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Abstract: The impact of ICT on Rural Development in South Sudan as a new State in the World and in the region needs a lot of efforts in place to improve the challenges facing the entire community in the ICT sector both private and public. The only way to overcome these challenges, is to provides the affected population with the standard services of the ICT and be sensitized on how to beneficially utilize these services. In these circumstances, we are talking about the first-hand information needs. The information needs is widely recognized as a right to any person or group of people. This will also help rural communities to catch up with the world in terms of the access and utilization of the information and the Technology that govern the infrastructure. Although many cultures and ethics undermine the current ICT revolution, the importance of ICT and the need to access the information remain vital. It is due to this impact that the GOSS is responsible to make aware and sensitize its citizens through public and private sectors so that the people of Juba, its suburbs and other towns in South Sudan, should get these professional services in an efforts to develop the rural communities of South Sudan in which RIC is one of the achievements raised so far.
Description: A graduation project smelted to the school of computer studies a partial fulfilment for requirements of the Award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology of Kampala International University
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