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Title: To investigate factors contributing to street children, a case study of Meru Municipality, Meru Central District, Kenya.
Authors: Muguongo Judy, Gatwiri
Keywords: Street Children
Meru Central District
Issue Date: Jan-2007
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
Abstract: The research is aimed at investigating the factors contributing to the street children problem. Case study of Men, municipality Mem Central district, Eastern Province, Kenya. The major variables of the study are poverty, child neglect and peer pressure. This study was aimed at investigating the factors contributing to the street children phenomenon. It was carried out in Meru municipality Meru central district of eastern province of Kenya. The variables examined were poverty, child neglect, and peer group influence. The background to the study traces the onset of the problem to the late 1960’s. The problem is clearly stated by the objectives of the study and justification that is the rationale and the beneficiaries of the study. In chapter two literature related to the variables under examination and the topic is reviewed and analyzed in order to throw light on the study. Cyclical theory of family breakdown has been used to give a framework and explanation on the street children phenomenon. The major objectives of the study were to examine whether poverty, child neglect and peer group influence lead to the street children phenomenon. The research design used was sample survey which relied on a sample of sixty respondents that is 55 boys and 5 girls aged between seven and seventeen years old, the District children officer was also interviewed in relation to the study. Purposive and mud ball sampling methods were used to arrive at the sample. Methods of data collection were interviews whereby close-ended and open-ended questions were used, observation method was also used. Frequency distribution tables, percentages and descriptive analysis have been used to analyze and interpreted data collected from the respondents. Policies related to the study have been examined and implications are explained. The major findings of the study are that the three variables; poverty, child neglect and peer group influence are as major contributing factor to the street children phenomenon. The major cause of the street children phenomenon based on the findings is poverty, child neglect peer pressure respectively.
Description: A research report submitted in partial fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Socialworks and Social Administration. Kampala International University.
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