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Title: Factors contributing to maternal death in Bukedea District : a case study at Bukedea health centre iv
Other Titles: a case study at Bukedea health centre iv
Authors: Ijoot, John Peter
Keywords: maternal death
Bukedea health centre iv
Bukedea District
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Abstract: The General Objective of the study was to determine the factors associated with maternal deaths at Bukedea Health Center IV in Bukedea district. The specific objectives were: to determine the knowledge of expectant mothers on antenatal care and maternity services in Bukedea district, to establish the accessibility of maternal health services by mothers in Bukedea district, to establish the availability of necessary equipment and logistics at Bukedea Health Center IV and to establish the availability of adequate human resource at Bukedea Health Centre IV. The findings of the study revealed that expectant mothers have knowledge on antenatal care and maternity services in Bukedea as respondents agreed with the statements with a mean greater mean response except that most of them rejected that they do not receive enough health facilities when they go for antenatal care, most of the respondents agreed that maternal health services are accessible by mothers at Bukedea Health Center IV, respondents accepted to a greater extent that the necessary equipments and logistics are available at Bukedea health center TV except the nutritional supplements and that the Cesarean section is not well equipped furthermore, the findings further revealed that that respondents moderately accepted that there is adequate human resource at Bukedea Health Centre IV whereas most of the employees rejected the statements that there are enough trained medical workers to provide antenatal services at Bukedea health Centre IV. The study recommended that; the government should make sure that it motivates the employees and provide all the necessary equipments in order to improve on the facilities given to mothers who go for antenatal care, the government should extend health centers to most areas as respondents gave evidence that the travel long distances to reach the health centers and also the means of transport should be improved. The government should provide nutritional supplements as the findings gave evidence that they are not provided, the government should equip the Cesarean section in order to reduce on maternal mortality rate and the study generally recommended that the government should hire enough employees and motivate them in order to provide enough services and reduce on the maternal mortality rate.
Description: Research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of tile requirements for the award of a Bachelor of Science in Statistics Degree of Kampala International University
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