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Title: The influence of culture on performance in schools. a case study of Simu sub county Bulambuli district:
Authors: Malasha, Alex
Keywords: culture
Bulambuli district
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
Abstract: The study sought to indentify the nature and categories of cultural traits and school performance. It was established that “embalu” as a culture has affected academic performance in schools. This because “Embaulu” as a social activity involves dancing, drinking ,and circumcision inauguration. The study was based on a descriptive design involving a sample of 50 respondents who were chosen among Teachers, students, stakeholders like community leaders, and politicians. The study findings were that culture affects negatively on school performance as this has lead to high school dropouts, early pregnancies, high rape cases. The study findings on cultural traits and behavior has lead to development and learning of people culture more especially the “Embalu” ceremony which has acted as a tourist attraction in Bulambuli and Bugisu as a region as people allover the world attend the function. The ceremony is chaired by the head of the “Bamasaba” being the “OMUKUKA” cultural head and the President is normally invited as the “guest of Honor”.It is at this function that different leaders from different ideological background come together as “Bamasaba”to officiate the function as they drink, dance and celebrate together. The researcher recommended that cultural traits of “Embalu” people among “Bamasaba” should be adopted and incorporated in the Ugandan constitution and encourages other traditions to strengthen their culture and compete with other traditions and culture on the globe. This will in the end help to people of the different cultures to love their culture like “Bamasaba” culture which has attracted the entire world to witness the ceremony.
Description: a research dissertation submitted to the college humanities as a partial requirement of the award of the bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration of Kampala international university Kampala.
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