Online reservation and monitoring system: a case of Buziga Country Resort

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
This report describes how the problem of reservation and monitoring of Buziga Country Resort was solved. This system will enable Customers and administrators to reserve room and monitor the key processes in the Hotel, respectively. Information from the study area was gathered through interviews questionnaires and observation. This information was used to review the existing reservation system and identify its weaknesses. The study revealed that a manual file-based system was in place. Making a reservation required one’s physical presence and the administration managed the hotel using a manual filing system. This made the process time consuming and inconvenient for both customers and the administration. There were also many errors, data insecurity and retrieval of customers’ records was difficult. It was also discovered that the decision to allocate a room to a customer was based on first come first serve policy. An online reservation and monitoring system will enable room reservations to be made using computers connected to the internet. Quality of service provision will also be enhanced. The administrator has various duties. These include granting or denying applications, allowing or denying requests to change a room and changing payment status of customers who pay so that they can be allowed to reserve a room. As an administrator, he also monitors customers with the various search functions provided by the system. update, storage and retrieval of customers’ records.
Department of information technology School of Computer Studies a project report submitted to the School of Computer Studies in fulfillment of the requirements for A Ward of The Degree of Bachelor of Information Technology of Kampala International University.
Online reservation, Monitoring system, Buziga Country Resort