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Title: The contributions of Naads program towards promoting food security in Bushenyi district
Authors: Mbabali, Juma
Keywords: Naads
Food security
Bushenyi district
Issue Date: Aug-2013
Abstract: This study investigated the contributions NAADS program towards promoting food security in Bushenyi district. The first objective was to assess measures employed by NAADS to control pests and diseases in crops and animals to ensure high productivity as a way of promoting food security. The study showed that the measures like chemical control with 24(33.3) percent, use of pest and diseases and resistant varieties with 20(27.8) percent and proper weeding with 17(23.6) percent out of the total respondents. The second objective was to examine the food storage and preservation techniques employed by NAADS as one of its key objectives to food security. The study revealed that due to house storage ie in sacks and kept in house which had 32 (44.4), and modem raised and cemented stores construction had 18 (25) percent. The third objectives were to assess methods used by NAADS to increase farmers access to information on agriculture production and food security. The study showed that local radio stations had 45(62.5) percent and community workshop had 10(13.9) percents. The fourth objective was to determine feasibility of the recommended NAADS policies towards promoting food security at house hold and district levels. The study showed that use of improved pests and disease resistant seeds and planting materials had 25(34.7) percent and farmers sensitization empowering with 20(27.8) percent out of the total respondents thus improving on NAADS in Bushenyi District, therefore, NAADS program has got substantial positive impacts on the availability and quality of advisory services provided to farmers, such as promoting adoption of new crop (e.g. Bananas, groundnuts, maize, and beans) and livestock (such as goats and pigs) enterprises as well improving adoption and use of modern agricultural production technologies and practices, including use of improved crop and livestock varieties, fertilizers, farmers access to information and disease and varieties of crops Farmers awareness and some other yield enhancing technologies which will promote food security in Bushenyi district.
Description: A dissertation submitted to the faculty of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree in development studies of Kampala international university
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