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Title: An authenticated inventory management system for Sosumo Industry in Bujumbura Central Market (Burundi)
Authors: Baragondoza Marcel, Ghislain
Keywords: Authenticated inventory
Management System
f Sosumo Industry
Bujumbura Central Market (Burundi)
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Abstract: This study focused at An Authenticated Inventory Management System for SOSUMO Sugar Industry in Bujumbura Central Market (Burundi) which will handle effectively and efficiently the management of inventory information. The system was able to address the following problems; many inventory management systems are operated manually by group of people. In such situations many people involved in the process of managing the industry such a way that to keep records regarding the books of accounts (borrowers), check the books manually, keep records on issued books etc. all these have to be carried out manually and manual record keeping was also not a reliable method as people tend to forget things. On the borrower’s point overview, in manual system borrowers can’t find a book exactly at once as they are not ordered well. The researchers used the following techniques and approaches in order to achieve the objectives of the study. It covers the requirements elicitation process, system analysis and design, implementation, testing and validation. The system design used two-tier client server architecture whereby the database was implemented using MS Acccess whereas the interface was implemented using VB 6.0. The significance of the study is to make the Inventory Management, Process and Storage much simpler. And also improve on the speed with which the inventory processes is done.
Description: A research project submitted to the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the Award of Bachelor of Information Technology Degree of Kampala International University
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