An online web-based e-billing water system case study: national water and sewerage corporation (nwsc)

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Mundu, Robert
Gisele, Aksanti Ntabaza
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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Along with the changes in the world’s technology. water became the backbone of industrialization and almost all the activities we carry out rely on water supply and demands of customers also change as well which has become more demanding and knowledgeable than ever before. “water is life”. consumers who consume water units and water services today are active and more critical in water seen ice delivery. This in turn made the management to shill them focus on the clients or customers so as to register success in the business today. for a good performance, quality services are the most important exercises for any organization. organizations like nwsc has kept the standard of their services and try to maintain them customer in the market by providing satisfactory services as expected of them. There are a number of problems being faced by the service provider (nwsc). Customers themselves are seriously complaining to the services provider (nwsc’) of in-accurate meter reading and estimations, resulting in overcharging of customers by the company. sometimes this should result in under payment by customers to the company. this study will have to come up with a way of solving the problem by introducing an on line web based water billing system for new in& bills and pay them promptly using credit cards. phone or visa by the help of internet. this study is aimed at developing a web-based billing system for water given that water uses metering and billing manually. this has led to inaccuracy, high operational costs and unnecessary delays. nonetheless. we as the researchers will recommend the following: introduction of remote automated water metering by the company that should be connected to the system in order to have a complete cycle of water trade.
A research report submitted to the college of applied science and technology in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a bachelor’s degree of information technology and computer science of Kampala international university.
Web-based, E-billing, Water system, National water and sewerage corporation