The impact of inventory management on performance of kagadi hospital Kibaale District mid western Uganda : a case study of Kagadi Hospital

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Inventory forms a big percentage of current assets of most enterprises and therefore should be properly managed. This prompted the researcher to find out the impact of inventory management on the performance of enterprises.The objectives of the study were; to examine the different techniques of inventory management systems used by enterprises, to establish the performance measures employed by enterprises and to find out the relationship between the variables.For the researcher to achieve this, data was gathered via secondary sources mainly textbooks, journals, internet and already researched data, to establish the literature on the two variables.The findings were presented, analysed, interpreted and discussed. The researcher also discovered that inventory management was one of the factors affecting performance of enterprises in addition to other factors such as technology, conclusion therefore, if an enterprise is in a position to reduce its costs associated with inventory, the performance of the enterprise will be high especially where modem techniques of inventory management like the just in time and materials requirements planning (MRP) are applied.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirement of the award of a Bachelors Degree of Business Administration of Kampala International University.
Inventory, Management, Kagadi Hospital, Kibaale District