Factors influencing sexual behavioral change among married couples in the era of Hiv/aids in Rubaga division:

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Kampala international international: College Humanities and Social Sciences
The study investigated the nature, character and factors influencing sexual behavioral change among married couples in Rubaga Division Kampala District and assessed their influence on HIV / AIDS reduction efforts. This study focused mostly on the married couples who fall under various categories in the social, demographic profile which range from one - age category to another sex, religious affiliation and type of marriage, whereby sexual behaviors are the most singled out to put people at risk of HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is thought to be transmitted in ways like Heterosexual contacts, Homosexual contacts between men, vertical transmission during pregnancy. However sexual contacts is the commonest mode of transmission for HIV/AIDS. The research methodology was an interview schedule to collect data. In that most of the respondents were perceived to be illiterate. Data was analyzed by use of frequencies and percentages. The research findings showed that there has been a positive sexual behavioral change among married couples in relation to HIV/AIDS infection.
A research submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of bachelor of social work and social administration Kampala international university
Social work and social administration, Sexual, Behavioral change, Married couples, Hiv/aids, Rubaga division: