The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Rural Families of Busiisi Sub County, Hoima District

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of social work and social administration
This study established the impact of HIV/ AIDS on Rural families and the available measures to avert its effects in Busiisi sub county, Hoima District. Non probability sampling with gender bias was used to identify 60 respondents in Busiisi Sub County of whom 10 were civil servants, 20 local community members, 16 HIV/ AIDS patients and 10 politicians. Data was collected both qualitatively and quantitatively by use of questionnaires, Focus Group discussions, unstructured in-depth interviews and observations. Aggravated poverty, reduced labor productivity, increased drain of resources, declining education performance, raising discrimination, abuse of orphans and widows, neglect/castigation, reduced life expectancy, child headed families and increased family pressures were identified as the major impacts of HIV/ AIDS on rural families. The study concluded that a well equipped health centre providing quality HIV services for both children and adults should be put in place in the sub-county; the quality of the existing voluntary counseling and testing services need to be enhanced; more emphasis on community sensitization and health education with the use of IEC materials aiming at reducing stigma and discrimination should be undertaken; its important that more staff be recruited in the existing nearest hospital and be equipped with skills in management and supp01i of HIV/ AIDS infected children and adults together with their families. Foster homes should be created within the sub-county to reduce on child headed families. However, further research should be undertaken on the viability of the creation of foster homes. The community members need to be empowered and engage in income Generating activities such as fish farming, mushrooming piggery, poultry, pineapple growing, and rice production.
A Dissertation Submitted To The Faculty Of Social Sciences As A Partial Requirement For The Award Of Bachelor Of Social Work And Social Administration Of Kampala International University
HIV/AIDS, Rural Families, Hoima District