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Title: Critical analysis for the rise in number of parliamentary election petition in Uganda
Authors: Obileng, Pius
Keywords: Politics
election petition
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Law
Abstract: The study aimed at the critical analysis for the rise in number of parliamentary election petition in Uganda. In relation to the above, the researcher used the following objectives to give an account on the rise in numbers of election petitions, to analyse critically the impact of court decisions in the political future of Uganda in thriving to enhance Democratic governance and rule of law, to analyse strength and gaps underlying the current electoral process in furtherance of democratic governance, to analyse the consequence of the election petitions in parliamentary elections, to discuss the possible legal reforms in conducting elections in Uganda and recommendations towards achieving trusted Independent Electoral Commission. When conducting the parliamentary elections in Uganda the electoral commission shall execute its obligation without any interference by any person, institution or authority. Section131 Although there are various laws that have been enacted by the legislature to regulate the Conduct and process of organizing a free and fair election and many offences and procedure for the annulment of any parliamentary election results has been done. The election offences have greatly increased in number to the extent that in the recent parliamentary election process held on 18th; Feb/ 2016, about 118 parliamentary election petitions were registered in the high court of Uganda. Conclusion; The Court are limited only to the matters brought before it, therefore many election dissatisfactions from the losing candidates has at times not been presented before court and therefore this makes it quite to realize great increase in the cases before court. In practical sense court does not move itself. Recommendation, Clear statements should be set up on the process of appointing the members of the Electoral commission.
Description: A research report submitted to the school of law in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a Bachelor's Degree of Law Kampala International University
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