Utilization of antenatal care services among pregnant women in Kampala International University Teaching Hospital Bushenyi- Ishaka Municipality

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
Aim:The study sought to determine the level at which pregnant women utilize ANC services, reasons contributing to low level of attendance and the consequences of low level of attendance. Method:A cross sectional quantitative study was conducted which included pregnant mothers at any gestation. Structured questionnaires were used to obtain information from study participants. In the present study, low utilization of ANC services among pregnant women was determined based on number of visits. SPSS software was used to generate descriptive statistics and cross tabulations. Results :Almost all (96%) participating women had at least some knowledge of ANC also 85% of participating mothers agreed that ANC would enable them to receive vaccines, supplements and malaria prophylaxis . on average, only 16% of women used the full content of antenatal care. Only 12% of women had a urine sample taken, 28% a blood sample taken, and all women had their blood pressure measured. All women took iron supplements, 27% were given drugs for intestinal parasites. The utilization of the content of care was significantly associated with education of the mother and her partner, wealth status, location disparities, timing and frequency of antenatal visits. The study has shown that majority of participating mothers knew the importance of ANC. low utilization of ANC among pregnant women showed to be influenced by high parity, long distance, seeking permission and pregnancy associated beliefs notably witch craft. So, efforts are needed to educate girls beyond secondary level, establish village outreach clinics with qualified staff to attract the hard to reach women in the rural areas, and facilitate ANC utilization irrespective of the ability today.
A research report submitted to the School Of Allied Health Sciences in partial fulfiment of the requirement Of the award of the Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health Of Kampala International University
Utilization of antenatal care services, Pregnant women, Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, Bushenyi- Ishaka Municipality