Cash management and financial performance of commercial banks in Arua district, a case of Arua hill division Centenary bank:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
This study was undertaken to determine the effect of cash management on the financial performance of commercial banks taking a case of Centenary bank in Arua Hill division. It was guided by the following objectives namely; to identify the effect of liquidity management on the financial performance of commercial banks (Centenary bank) in Arua district, to assess the effect receivables management on the financial performance of commercial banks, and to examine the effect of credit Management on the financial performance of commercial banks in Arua (Centenary bank). The study was guided by a cross sectional case study research design. The researcher used purposive sampling for banking officers and branch managers, banking and credit! loan officers of Centenary bank and. The researcher selected 19 participants as the sample for the study and data was collected from the selected respondents using questionnaires. The researcher used descriptive research design in collecting data from respondents where both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used. The findings indicated that cash management had a positive effect on the financial performance of Commercial banks. In conclusion, the study was carried to a much success out and all the objectives were fulfilled. The study found that the three objectives that is; liquidity management, account receivables management and credit management had a positive effect on financial performance of the commercial bank (Centenary bank). The findings concluded that cash management helped the commercial banks to keep capital, managed credit risks, increased the efficiency of operations, and expanded the capacity of the commercial bank to embrace opportunities. From the findings, the following recommendation were therefore made; Banks need to enhance their collection policy by adapting a more stringent policy for effective debt recovery, need for commercial banks to enhance their client appraisal technique so as to improve their financial performance; through client appraisal technique Commercial bank will be able to know the credit worth clients and thus reduce their non~performing loans, There is also need for commercial banks to enhance their credit risk control this will help in decreasing default levels as well as their non performing loans, High quality liquidity assets buffer sufficient to hedge sudden liquidity outflows should be maintained and Banks should adopt optimum liquidity model for maximum return on investment, survival, stability, growth and development of banking system in Arua district.
a research report submitted to the college of economics and management for the requirement in partial fulfillment for the award of bachelor’s degree in business administration accounting and finance of Kampala international university.
Cash management, financial performance, commercial banks