The role of computerj5ed accounting systems on effective financial reporting; a case of Stanbic Bank Uganda at the Headquarters.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics & management.
The topic of the research study was the role of computerized accounting systems on effective financial reporting; a case of Stanbic bank Uganda at the headquarters. Out of the 45 questionnaires that were distributed, 40 were brought back. A cross-sectional study design for quantitative and qualitative analysis was used on 40 respondents that brought back the questionnaires. Data was collected by use of a self-administered questionnaire, and interview guide. Quantitative data was analyzed at univariate level basing on the mean and frequencies, percentages, bivariate level using correlation coefficient with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences 17.0 (SPSS). Qualitative data was analyzed by content analysis by composing explanations and substantiating them using the respondents open responses. The researcher found out that timely release of financial reports generates good decision making at Stanbic Bank and that there is improvement in business performance due to computerization of the accounting system. The researcher further found out that Stanbic Bank largely relies on accurate record keeping to promote efficiency. This implied that computerized accounting strongly helps to eliminate unnecessary errors hence leading to increased efficiency at Stanbic Bank. He further found that Computerized accounting involves the use of computers to handle large volume of data with speed, efficiency and accuracy aimed at overcoming the fundamental errors, The researcher concluded that there is a strong significant positive relationship between computerized accounting systems and effective financial reporting at Stanbic Bank as indicated by spear man correlation coefficient as 0.669 and correlation was significant at 0.05(2-tailed). This implied that with proper computerized accounting system, effective financial reporting is guaranteed at Stanbic Bank which. Therefore, the researcher recommended Stanbic Bank to embark on training its employees on the efficient usage of computerized accounting system to promote increased productivity.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree of Business Administration Accounting and Finance of Kampala International University
Computerized Accounting Systems., Financial Reporting, Stanbic Bank Uganda