Challenges faced by women in domestic solid waste management in Lubowa-Seguku Parish.

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
In order to understand women’s struggle for political independence and other freedoms in Uganda in particular, and Africa at large, it is important to first identify factors which hinder them (women) from freely taking part in the government of their choice right from grass root levels. This study employed a documentary and descriptive model to investigate the reasons for the low participation of women in politics in Uganda particularly and the globe in general. The results indicate that male dominance (patriarchy tendencies), cultural attitudes of society towards women and low educational levels for women increases their inability to participate in political and decision-making affairs of the country. It is seen that women need to be given the freedom and encouragement by their male counterpart such that they can be able to participate freely in decision-making issues of their country and other serious issues affecting them. The study recommends that male politicians should change their ways of perceiving women in negative ways, so that women come out of the marginalization cycles to engage in active politics of their countries. Discriminatory tendencies towards women as regards their education by parents and inferiority feelings among women themselves should be priority issues that need to be critically addressed. The government should establish institutions that can protect the interests of women and their concerns besides the organizations formed by women themselves. Above all women should be allowed the freedom to form and join political parties because this will provide a level ground for them to actively get involved in politics.
A dissertation submitted to the school of post graduate studies in partial fulfillment of tee requirements for the award of the degree of masters of Arts in development administration and management of Kampala International University
Women, Domestic solid waste management