Enhancing Primary Education in Katsina Education Zone

Primary education lays the foundation for a nation's development, fostering patriotism, fairness, and national unity among children aged 6 to 12. However, challenges such as inadequate funding, ineffective management, and low academic performance persist in Katsina Education Zone, Nigeria. This study investigates the impact of Donor Organizations, including UNICEF, UNESCO, and the World Bank, on the provision of training and retraining for public primary school teachers in Katsina Education Zone. Through a descriptive survey research design, data were collected from 362 respondents, including teachers, administrators, and PTA officials. Findings indicate a positive perception of Donor Organizations' impact on teacher training, with mean scores above the decision mean. Statistical analysis revealed no significant difference in opinions across respondent groups. These findings underscore the importance of external support in addressing educational challenges and suggest decentralization of training selection processes for improved effectiveness.