Design and construction of a dynamic and sonic scarecrow using Atmega 328p microcontroller a case study: Tilda ltd in Bugiri district

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Dynamic and sonic scarecrow technology is an easy and reliable way to control major avian crop pests like birds and or animals. This Scarecrow decreases crop damage by dispersing birds in a safe and human way. The main aim of the project was to design and construct a bird repellent prototype that is dynamic and play sounds of distress to disperse off the birds. Two wireless communicating devices being controlled by an Amega328P microcontroller were developed with the help of RF modules consisting of sound producing system, rotating system and a motion sensor which were used as inputs to the microcontrollers when motion is detected, and the servo motors and the buzzer are activated. When the system design was powered the servo motors rotated, and a sound of distress was produced after motion detection. In conclusion, the technology of this modem scarecrow has many applications which include reducing financial loss due to crop damage caused by birds, reliable, human and safe agricultural bird dispersal, and the chosen bird control system for farming industry.
School of engineering and applied science department of electrical and telecommunication engineering
Design, Construction, Scarecrow, Microcontroller, Tilda ltd - Bugiri district