Impact of record on financial performance of small and medium enterprises in Uganda; a case of Jibu bottling company in Kampala-Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study sought to establish the impact of record keeping on the financial performance of small and medium enterprises in Uganda; a case of Jibu Bottling Company in Kampala Uganda. A cross-sectional study design for quantitative and qualitative analysis was used on 133 respondents expected to provide data. Data was collected by use of a self-administered questionnaire, and interview guide. Quantitative data was analyzed at univariate level basing on the mean and frequencies, bivariate level using correlation coefficient and multivariate using spearman’s rank correlation with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences 17.0 (SPSS). Qualitative data were analyzed by content analysis by composing explanations and substantiating them using the respondents open responses. The study found that revenue and expenditure accounts play a major role in ledger accounts. For ledger accounts to be effective, revenue and expenditure accounts must be well prepared to limit chances of negative financial performance at Jibu bottling company in Kampala Uganda. It found that an improvement in keeping and preparing purchases and sales ledgers can result in improved financial performance. It also found that Jibu keep purchases and sales ledger, cash book, revenue and expenditure accounts, statement of income and balance sheet. It found that most SMEs neutrally agree that purchases ledger shows all purchases returns of the business, sales ledger shows all returns to the business and sales ledger shows all the receivables of the business. Finally, the study found that Jibu prepares balance sheets as they convey substantial information about the financial strength and current performance of an enterprises. The research concluded that Jibu bottling company continue maintaining cash books because they keep track of the daily transactions made within the business this helps to determine the level of profitability from period to period and also reduces embezzlement of the organization’s funds hence leading to the growth and development of the company. Also that the general ledger contains all accounts needed to prepare financial statements, it facilitates accurate financial record keeping at Jibu bottling Company. This led to proper accountability and clear VAT administration by the revenue authority in the country. Therefore the researcher recommended that a basic record keeping system, whether on paper or an off shelf computer software program,—should be simple to use, easy to understand, reliable, accurate, and consistent and designed to provide information on a timely basis.
A dissertation submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelors ‘degree in business administration of Kampala International University
Financial performance, Small and medium enterprises, Uganda, Jibu bottling company