Auditors and their service delivery; a case study of Kasese District Local Government

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Despite the government's effort of promoting efficient accountability of its resources especially financial channeled to different departments like schools, health centers and sub-counties among others, the local government internal Audit that is responsible to make a follow up of these resources are caught up in a situation where they didn't have enough to do a I 00% audit of every transaction. The study was carried out in Kasese district local government, internal audit department and the researcher considered data period 2008-201 I as the scope of the study. The researcher used a survey research design 111 which both qualitative and quantitative research techniques of data collection were applied The findings of the study revealed that auditors face a number of problems among which include: work overload and this contributed 57%, limited funding which contributed 33% and threats to auditors' independence by the staff of the local government ( I 0%). The study recommended the increasing of government funding at the local government, increasing on the level of staffing and giving respect to the auditors while doing their audit work. In a nutshell, much as the auditors are with the above problems, they have helped to reduce on the problems of poor financial control inform of misappropriation of funds which is a common phenomenon in government offices.
A Research Dissertation Submitted to the College Of Economics and Management Sciences In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award Of Bachelors Degree In Business Administration Of Kampala International University
Auditors, Service delivery, Kasese District Local Government