An Assessment of the Roles of Non Governmental Organization in Resettlement of Southern Sudan Returning Refugees: A Case Study of UNDP

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in social work and social administration
The research was conducted in Juba the capital of southern Sudan, the area in which many returnees were based, after they were brought from exile due to civil war strife in Sudan. The war in Sudan had been fought for 21 years between the citizens of Sudan itself because of vast marginalization of communities in the country.However, in 2005, the peace was signed between the SPLM/A and the Khartoum regime (NCP) which paved the way for peace and security in the country.As a result, many displaced persons were repatriated back to Sudan for resettlement. This has prompted many NGOs with the government to involve in the process of social services provision in order to up hold the situation of returnees. The research in itself investigated the roles played by the actors of social services delivery, for example the UNDP, UNHCR were good example to help the returnees.This research was conducted using qualitative, quantitative and interview and observation as a mean of data collecting method. The previous data information was used and primary data from the field to enhance the credential information about the problems of returnees in southern Sudan. In the process of obtaining the data from the participant, the selection was done at random for an individual that were interviewed. Thus the total of participants was recorded at 53 personals that the information was received from. On the used of data method of collection, the qualitative method used described the respondents mean for the analysis of information relating the issues of returnees statically. On the other hand, the quantitative method of data collection used was in form of questionnaire which the researcher obtained information and analyses that help the respondents used open questions that were supplied for the intention of receiving the data by the researcher.It was out of this research that some recommendation was made toward NGOs responsible for the welfare of returnees or the refugees so that their future will be taken care of There is a need to have a wider policies that could link and priorities the welfare of refugees and returnees.
A Research Report Submitted To the Faculty of Social Science in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Social Administration- Kampala International University
Non Governmental Organization, Resettlement, Southern Sudan Returning Refugees, UNDP