E-recruitment and performance of Non-government organizations in Uganda.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The title of the study was E-recruitment and Perfonnance of Non-Government Organizations in Uganda. The low level of perfo1mance in NGOs is among other things attributed to poor and/ or limit pool of workforce to recruit from have been observed in Compassion International and One Acre Fund organizations. This is despite the fact that these organizations recruit the employees with comparable entry behavior but it seems managers make selection of passive candidates whereby they end up re-advertising the same post(s) looking for suitable candidates. The following objectives:(l) to identify the level of Erecruitments used by NGOs in Uganda; (2) to identify the level of perfonnance of NGOs in Uganda and; (3) To establish the relationship between e-recruitment and performance of NGOs in Uganda. The study used descriptive design method. The study sampled140 respondents from 220 targeted populations and the sampling was done by use of stratified sampling techniques. The results showed that the level of using e-recruitment in NGOs was moderate. The level of Performance of NGOs was low. There was a positive significant relationship between E-recruitment and Performance of NGOs in tenns of progressive rise in number of donors, high inflow of international volunteers, improved relationships among others hence obtained quality and quantity service delivery to clients. It was recommended that the process of e-recruitment in NGOs needs to be improved, and other NGOs need to adopt e-recruitment since it was found out that was moderately being utilized by NGOs in Uganda. In order to improve on performance of N GOs, managers should emphasize clear goal setting whose achievement can easily be assessed and employees should be involved in setting instructional goals for the organization. Managers should organize training workshop for staffs about the use of modem e-recruitment technologies for delivery through the organization's website at any time since it has automatic updates of database for employees. Government Institutions should be adequately funded and priority_ should be given to the procurement of modern technology equipment to adopt the use of e-recruitment tools like the corporate website, Skype.and Job P01ial when recruiting staffs at all levels and shift from the traditional process of recruitment.
A thesis report submitted to the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment for the requirement of Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
E-recruitment, Performance, Non-government organizations, Uganda.