The relationship between absenteeism and the performance of the learners in secondary schools in Soroti district: a case study of Arapai Sub-County

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Kampala International University.College Of Education
With the introduction of secondary schools since 1925, teachers have been experiencing a problem of absenteeism of students both public secondary schools and those being opened by different people (private secondary schools) secondary holds a unique importance in people’s lives and it plays significant role in social and cultural life of the students or the individuals (ochieng 1996). Several studies have showed that environment in secondary schools has improved students’ performance in schools. On other hand, absenteeism of students from school during lessons has made many Students to fail meet the needs of the academic performance, forex ample teachers. Poor performance has therefore demotivated teachers of secondary schools both in private and public secondary schools. The purpose of the study was to explore the relationship between absenteeism and the performance of learners academically in secondary district taking Arapai Sub County as a case study. The study used both qualitative and quantitative design. Quantitative design will be descriptive involving tallying of data and computing into figure, percentages, drawing chart, tables and graphs, qualitative involves describing relationship absenteeism and performance without the of figures, tables and others. The researcher found out that the performance of the leaners was affected by absenteeism in secondary schools of Soroti district - Arapai Sub -County. She also discovered that absenteeism of the learners was caused by a number of factors which include doing both domestic and commercial activities, long distance from home to school and finally poor feedings. The researcher recommended government should increase teacher’s salaries so as to make to them to reduce attrition rate at school. In addition to that, it should construct staff quarters for teachers. This motivates them to work and produce good performance.
A research report submitted to the College of Education, Open and distance e- learning in partial fulfillment of the award of Bachelor’s degree in Secondary education of Kampala International University
Absenteeism, Secondary schools, Soroti district, Performance