FINCA Microfinance towards the development of women in Kampala Central Division: case study FINCA-Uganda

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Kampala international international: College of Economics and management
The study was to establish FINCA Microfinance towards women development in Kampala Central Division a case study FINCA-Uganda. Specific objective of the study were to establish different types of financial services provided by FINCA Microfinance, to find out the effects of FINCA Microfinance towards the development of women and to establish the challenges facing FINCA Microfinance. The findings of the research were different of financial services which include village banking, micro credit, loans group loans, insurance services among others. The effects of FINCA Microfinance that includes employment of women, source of income improves standards of living, employment opportunity, and self-reliance of women among others. The challenges facing FINCA Microfinance were high default rates, lack of collateral and others. The research concluded that FINCA Microfinance played a vital role towards development of women. Based on the research findings the following were recommended, stabling other financial institution in order to carter for the ever increasing population of people who need financial support and also sensitization of the community about the existing financial services in other institution. Extend financial support to FINCA Microfinance because it contributes a lot to the entire development of the community.
A dissertation submitted to the School of Business and Management as partial fulfillment for the requirement of the Award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International University
Business administration, FINCA Microfinance, Development, FINCA-Uganda, Kampala Central Division, Women