Youth Empowerment and Socio-Economic Development. A Case of Nyumanzi Refugee Settlement in Adjumani District.

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Kampala International University, Colleges of humanities and social sciences
according to this study, the young people are always less thought of especially when it comes to he political, social, cultural, and economic ruling of nation, tolerated acts of discrimination domestic violence against youth refugees (crimes under the Ugandan Penal Code) are rife in this md, probably, other refugee settlements. Relying on a combination of methodologies, particularly the Youth’s empowerment Law and Grounded Theory Approaches, the researcher collects and interprets a wide range of substantive data that presents the problem from the in diepth point of view of (or from the ‘lived realities’ of) its desperate victims, most of whom suffer ~n silence for stance the majority of the youths respondents (70%) were unemployed. The minority of the respondents (3 0%) were employed. The study therefore mainly involved the youths and the employed groups were the officials and leaders in the community and a few self employed youths hence the few courageous young people who dare simply to report their perpetrators to the apparently indifferent authorities find themselves victims of further vindictive discrimination, even when it comes to the youth empowerment programs for the socio-economic development of the young people. The government should review its policies with the aim of making them youth-employment friendly. Government should reform education curricula in both secondary and vocational schools to emphasize income generating activities through entrepreneurial skills development, increased investment in industries as well as curriculum to be invested in to emphasize knowledge base, Therefore, sound legislative, entrepreneurial, social and educational and other youth empowerment reforms are suggested in order to eradicate this shameful endemic abuse of young people’s rights in terms of Uganda’s national and International commitment to Human Rights as contained in various relevant legal Instruments.
A Research Report Submitted to the Department of Development, Peace and Conflict Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelor’ S Degree in Development Studies at Kampala International University.
Youth, Empowerment, Socio-Economic Development, Adjumani District.