Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Poverty in Butaleja District in Eastern Uganda

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Kampala International University, Master of Arts in Public Policy Planning and Management
Alcohol consumption and poverty, a case study conducted in Butaleja district, was conducted with an objective of determining the relationship between alcohol consumption and poverty among the people of the area. This resulted from the increasing curiosity in observation of alcohol consumption practice and poverty trends for a long time in the area. The null hypothesis that alcohol in Butaleja District had no significant effects on poverty was untrue. A survey conducted in a sample of seven sub counties with a sample size of two hundred and eighty people as representative of the whole population of the district. Three hundred questionnaires were administered, with 280 being on study respondents while 20 were for pre-testing in order to get a sample size using Slovenes formula. Raw data was collected, summarized and analyzed using chi squire statistics By us of t statistics, the computed X2 as 8.48 exceeded the tabulated X2 of 3.48 at 95 percent degree of confidence level. This led to rejection of null hypothesis (Ho) thus making the alternative hypothesis (Hi) true. Using coefficiency of determination, the R2 was 2.9 which is approximately 3.0. This brought the findings to be such that alcohol consumption explains poverty by 3% with 97 percent being explained by other factors such as: type of enterprises / jobs that people are engaged in, Gender, place of stay, region, education et -cetra. Although the PEAP in Uganda and the World Health organization (WHO) recognizes alcohol as being linked to poverty, no fundamental policy action is in place based on this recognition. This brings a policy gap in addressing poverty issues. Much as there are laws regarding alcohol consumption in Uganda, they are redundant, which also contributes to a poverty gap. This study therefore is a contribution to economic development by providing research information regarding alcohol consumption
A Thesis Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of The Degree Of Master Of Arts I Public Policy Planning And Management Of Kampala International University
Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Poverty, Butaleja District