The impact of domestic violence on the development of rural communities in Nyarusiza sub county a case study of south western Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social science
This research was entitled “The impact of Domestic Violence on the Development of Rural communities in Nyarusiza Sub County, Kisoro District. The study was carried out basing on four specific objectives, i.e.; To describe the nature (forms) of domestic violence in Nyarusiza Sub County. identify the factors that have contributed to the existence of domestic violence, analyze the prevalence of the problem of domestic violence against women and finally analyze the possible remedies to domestic violence in Nyarusiza Sub County. The research employed a descriptive research approach where simple random sampling technique was used to get the sample size which was used so that the problem at hand was described in-depth which required collecting information through questionnaire, interviews and a total sample size of 74 informants was interviewed. This size was more preferable due to time limit, the resources available to carry out the research and it was also used to ensure accuracy in data collection and data was analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively in form of; tables, depending on the convenience and requirements of the data collected, and conclusion were drawn. The major findings of the study was that up to approximately 78% of the total respondents agreed that there is a great Magnitude of Domestic Violence against Women in Nyarusiza Sub County, Kisoro District; the research case in point where the study revealed that almost all the women reported to have experienced at least one or two forms of domestic violence especially from the closest family members or in time partner. As such, the findings of the study conclude therefore, domestic violence is a serious problem that exists in all families and the perpetrators are the husbands while the wives are always the victims. The study revealed that domestic violence was in three terms mainly physical. emotional and sexual violence. The study recommended that laws specifically those related to preventing domestic violence be put in place and enforced henceforth in order to end the problem of domestic violence.
A dissertation submitted to the college of applied economics and management sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree in development studies of Kampala International University
Domestic violence, Rural communities, Uganda