New biologically active compounds from 1, 3-Diketones

The ready availability of cyclohexanones and the enhanced reactivity at their -positions render them starting materials of choice in the present study. The synthesis of new compounds of antimicrobial activity was undertaken by the coupling of aromatic amines with 5,5-dimethyl cyclohexan-1,3-dione (dimedone). The products were refluxed with N–benzyl-N-phenylhydrazine in acetic acid. The structures of the products were elucidated using micro- and IR-spectral analyses. They were confirmed using 1H NMR at 60MHz and TMS as internal standard. The diketone derivatives were tested for their biological activity against gram-positive Cocci and Bacilli, and gram-negative Bacilli. The study showed that the derivatives gave a wide range of activity from inactive to highly active, which proves it to be of fresh pharmaceutical interest.
The article is available full text. Dr. Mbabazi Jolocam is a lecturer at Kampala International University,
Dimedone, Antimicrobial activity, Gram-positive Cocci and Bacilli, Gram-negative Bacilli