Design and implementation of a hotel control information system:

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
This project aimed at the design and implementation of a hotel control information system; a system to aid in the management and operation of the hotel customer service. Information systems which are not carefully designed basing on good security practices may lead to data loss, misplacement, inconsistencies and redundancies. Methods that were used to gather information about the current system include; interviews, record review and questionnaire method. It gives detailed review of the selected methods, instruments of data analysis and presentations that were used when analyzing and evaluating the current system. The methods applied attempted to establish and analyze the status of the problem, appraising it effectiveness where problems existed, to try and find solutions. The study was carried out at Speke Group Hotel as a case study. The system was designed with user friendly interface that would ensure ease of use and avoid errors and other shortfalls that arise with the classic file system. The literature review elaborates and gives a detailed perspective of management information systems and databases as viewed by different authors and researchers, effects and benefits of databases and data management systems
Graduation Project Report Submitted to the School of Computer Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Degree of Bachelor of Information Technology of Kampala International University
Hotel control information system, Speke Group Hotels