The effects of electronic banking on customer satisfaction in commercial banks: a case study of Centenary Bank Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was on Electronic Banking and Customer Satisfaction and was conducted from Centenary Bank, Kampala branches. The objectives of the study were to find out the electronic banking services, to find out the determinates of customer satisfaction and the relationship between Electronic banking and customer satisfaction. The study adopted an exploratory research design and a cross-sectional research design. The study population included both staff and customers of Centenary Bank. A total of 40 respondents participated in the study. Thi1iy were customers while Ten were bank staff. The study used both primary and secondary sources of data, primary data was collected using questionnaires and it was presented in tables. The relationship was measured using Pearson rank correlation. It was found out that Electronic banking services affected customer satisfaction. However, some other factors were instrumental in achieving customer satisfaction such as sensitizing customers on the benefits of the services, advertising and teaching most of them how these services work, providing a satisfying provision that these services are secure and low fradulental activities. The relationship between Electronic Banking and customer satisfaction indicated a 0.0875 which is a very weak positive relationship. The weak relationship was attributed to the insecurity of the services, time taken when making any transaction that is to say many of the users were iliterate with using computers and management does not al ways care about those needs and requirements of their customer. It's therefore concluded that the management of centenary bank should allocate resources on customer sensitization and education about all services that show a slow adoption by customers like PC, SMS banking , electronic payment systems and direct deposits to increase on customer satisfaction and they had also to take care of factors which satisfy their customers.
A Research report submitted to the college of economics and management science in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the a ward of a Bachelor's Degree in business administration of Kampala International University
Electronic banking, Customer satisfaction, Commercial banks, Uganda