Sales promotion and productivity of an organization: a case study of century bottling company limited Namanve- Mukono (u).

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The research presents the impact of sales promotion on the productivity of the organization in particular Century Bottling company Limited. The research that was undertaken was conducted to identify sales promotion activities use din Century Bottling Company Limited. The research was also conducted to examine the relationship that exists between sales promotion and productivity. It was also conducted to establish other factors other than sales promotion that leads to productivity in Century Bottling Company Limited. The study should benefit not only the business community but also var10us company management and policy makers within the organization, scholars of the subject and all interested parties in this area of the study. The study employed the use of purposive method of sampling when selecting respondents. The methods used in collecting data were interviews, questionnaires, and observation. It was the expectation of the research that it would be found that sales promotion plays a very crucial and significant role in helping identify sales promotional activities used in Coca cola Bottling Company and how it leads to productivity of the company. It also examines the relationship that exists between sales promotion and productivity in Coca cola Bottling Company Limited in order to achieve the attainment of set goals and objectives of the company. Areas of further study have been recommended to encourage scholars of this study to pursue further the objectives of this study.
Research report submitted to the Faculty of Business & Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Award of Degree in Supplies & Procurement of Kampala International University.
Sales, Promotion, Productivity, Organization