Climate Change Interventions, Achievements and Challenges in Uganda with a Special Focus on the National Adaptation Programs of Action (Napa) and Clean Development Mechanism (Cdm)

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Kampala international University college of humanities and social science
The global climate is changing and its accelerating and deepening impacts are affecting everyone on earth. Countries which stand to suffer the most, despite their minimal contributions to the causes of climate change, are the poor. The increased frequency of extreme weather and climatic events, such as floods and droughts, has clearly demonstrated Uganda’s vulnerability to impacts of climate change. The first chapter of this study gives an overview on global, regional and local climate change issues. The statement of the problem illustrates the impacts of climate change in Uganda. The objectives of this study are to illustrate interventions made and challenges faced in tackling climate change by the Government and its development partners in Uganda. The second objective is to assess achievements and challenges faced in the implementation of adaptation and mitigation mechanisms in Uganda, with a special focus on the National Adaptation Program of Actions (NAPA) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). A questionnaire was prepared and guided interviews conducted to collect data. Stratified random sampling and purposive sampling techniques were used to get the sample size. The study has been conducted in 10 sample organizations found in Kampala from a target population of 18. These were chosen non-proportionally from the stratums: Government organizations and development partners. A total sample of 20 interviewees was selected using purposive sampling from a target population of 50 employees. The findings of the study indicate that interventions made by the Government of Uganda and its development partners include the establishment of the Climate Change Unit (CCU), the creation of the Parliamentary Forum for Climate Change (PFFCC) and the preparation of the Ugandan NAPA. The findings indicate that Uganda does not have a national climate change policy and faces challenges in the implementation of adaptation mechanisms: these include insufficient technical capacity, a lack of funds, a weak adaptation capacity and inadequate metrological technology / data. On mitigation, the complexity, high cost and lack of local expertise in CDM are challenges faced in Uganda. Recommendations made include that Government should prepare a national climate change policy to promote community’s existing traditional adaptation strategies and local resources and to take actions to ease CDM procedures and costs so that small and medium projects can benefit.
A Research Thesis Presented To The School Of Postgraduate Studies And Research Kampala International University In Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirements Of The Award Of Masters Of Arts In Development Studies Of Kampala International University.
Clean Development Mechanism (Cdm), National Adaptation Programs of Action (Napa) a, Climate Change Interventions,