Child labor and children performance in schools A study of Mpondwe Mpondwe Lubiriha Town Council, Kasese District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The research investigated the effects of child labor on children performance in schools of Mpondwe- Lhubiriha town council, Kasese District. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between child labor and children perfonnance in Mpondwe-Lhubiriha town council. The research case study was designed to get an estimation of the respondents’ views in regard to the objectives of the study. The target population was; selected people in Kasese district putting a greater focus on Mpondwe-Lhubiriha town council. The study therefore used a sample of 80 respondents from a target population of 100 respondents. It used a purposive sampling to avoid bias in data presentation. It also used both primary and secondary sources which all involved data from the field and literatures already written by other authors. Due to limited time, the researcher used questionnaires (respondent’s fill in what they knew about the topic in regard to the formulated questions) and interviews (face-face interaction). After data collection, it was ethically analyzed by use of tables and percentages. The following recommendations were deduced from the study findings; the study recommends that there should be increase in limited funds to the provision of schools, teachers and scholastic materials, efforts should be directed at improving the quality of education by ensuring improved supervision and by maximizing the effectiveness of teachers and teaching methods. There should be food availability and poor dietary intake is through a multi-sectoral approach, with production, health and education services, sensitizing the community to the importance of more nutritionally balanced meals and advocating for better farming methods, which can increase yields and the available food for consumption. Working with local stakeholders (local government, companies, mining cooperatives, mine owners, NGOs, unions, local child rights groups, etc.) to raise awareness about child labour, and set up programmes to prevent and remedy both this and other labour rights violations found in communities and schools.
A research report submitted to the college of humanities and Social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelors degree of development studies of Kampala International University, Uganda
Child labour, Performance, Schools, Kasese District