Internal audit function and financial performance of public ministries: a case study of Homa Bay District Treasury in Kenya

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Kampala International University,College of Economics and Management
The purpose of the study was to establish how internal audit function affects financial performance of Public Ministries. The study focused in examining the relationship between the internal audit function and financial performance, in Public Ministries. The study adopted the quantitative research methodology employing a cross sectional research design. A population of 434 was selected from some selected departments of Public Ministries of Homa Bay County using stratified simple random sampling. The findings of the study revealed a significant and positive relationship between internal audit function and financial performance in public ministries. The study recommended that District Ministries should adopt strong policy measures on the variables of internal audit function which are risk management and internal controls and also aim at creating a committed workforce for better financial performance.
Research report submitted to College of Applied Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelors Degree In Business Administration of Kampala International University
Audit, Function, Financial, Performance, Public ministries