Universal Primary Education Funding and Management of Primary Schools in Amolatar District the Case of Agikdak Primary Schools

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Kampala international international : College of Education,Open and distance Learning
This study was specifically designed and conducted to investigate the influence of Universal primary education funding on the management of primary schools in Arnolatar District. The study focused on how capitation grants infrastructures teachers’ salaries and enrolment affect the management of schools. The researcher adopted the case study research design using quantitative approach to derive meaning from the data generated. The main research instrument used was questionnaires adopted and modified to suit the objectives of the research questions and objectives. 127 respondents were purposely and randomly sampled from all the five primary schools in Agikdak sub-county. Results from the study and the analysis indicated that UPE finding has a significant bearing on the performance of management in schools. It further revealed that management was scoring well in financial management but were set back by inadequate funds to facilitate the implementation of vital planned school development activities.
A Research Report Submitted To Faculty Of Education (Iodl) As A Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirements For The Award Of A Bachelor Degree In Education Of Kampala International University
Universal Primary Education, Funding and Management, Primary Schools