Commercial bank services and customer satisfaction:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was about commercial bank services and customer satisfaction. A case study of Kenya Commercial Bank Nairobi-Kenya and was aimed at to examine the effects of commercial bank services on the customer satisfaction. The objectives of the study were; To satisfy customer needs, to establish the relationship between commercial bank services and customer satisfaction and to improve on commercial bank performance. The research designs employed were descriptive and analytical research designs. A sample of (165) respondents were taken for a study form which the research carried out. The main instrument for collecting primary data was questionnaire, while second data were collected by reviewing files, documents, published books, articles and journals. The findings from data revealed that Kenya Commercial Bank irregularly revises training programs in accordance with changes in operations and sophistication of the management, there is no proper mean of communication with employees and management. Also there is a laxity of the government in sensitizing Kenya Commercial Bank services. Findings further revealed that there is a significant relationship between commercial bank services and customer satisfaction. It was recommended that sample checks be instituted to ensure effective customer care and overall performance of the organization, monitoring employees closely to ensure that they accomplish their tasks, thereby weakening the customer dissatisfaction.
A dissertation submitted to the college of economics and management sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International university
Commercial bank services, Customer satisfaction, Kenya