An automated students' attendance records Management system case study Kampala international university-WC

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Kampala international international: School of computing and Information technology
Automated Attendance system is software tool that captures daily student attendance records in schools and institutions and facilitates access to the attendance of a particular student in a particular class and help in generating reports and evaluating the attendance eligibility of a student. Rather than signing an attendance sheet manually, the attendance records are captured electronically into a database which makes it easier manageable the study was conducted in the Directorate of Quality Assurance at Kampala International University) we and resultantly came up with a Students Automated Attendance Records Management system that aid management in automatic managing students' attendance records. The major objective of the study was to develop an Automated Students' Attendance Records Management system for KIU we with that system, the management is able to automatically capture and compute students' class attendance records. The specific objectives included investigating the current system, gathering requirements for the new system, design, implement and test the developed electronic system. Data was gathered using interviews. Observation and questionnaires. The collected data was sorted and analyzed using Microsoft excel software and it was found out that the current manual system is in efficient, time and space consuming in addition to being insecure hence judged not good for the management of attendance records. With the new developed system (SARMS) management is able to electronically capture, store, compute and generate attendance rep01ts automatically. The very system also allows the backup of data on movable devices.
A research report submitted to the faculty of science and technology in partial fulfilment of the Requirements for the a ward of bachelor’s Degree in information technology of Kampala international university
Information technology, Automated students' attendance, Records Management system, Kampala international university-WC