Health records management in health reporting in western Uganda : a case study of Bukuku health sub district Kabarole District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Health reporting is an integrated system meant to provide functional health information on a routine basis from lower level health units in Bukuku health sub district to the Director of Health services (DDHS). It involves the collection of data on health and other related areas. The processing, analysis, utilization and dissemination of information for informed decision making in the matters affecting people’s health and well being. Records management is however associated with a number of problems that constrain the entire process of generating reports, analyzing them and their timeliness and completeness at the time of submission to the DDHS. A study was thus carried out to establish the strengths and weakness associated with records management and develop alternative strategies for effective health reporting in Bukuku health sub district through improved records management. Primary data was collected using self-administered questionnaires and formal interviews with key informants. Data was analyzed using statistical packages for social scientists (SPSS) and results presented using graphs, pie charts and percentage tables, Findings of the study show that various people are responsible for the records, so anyone takes the responsibility. These people include the record statisticians, the records assistants, health information assistant, health assistant and the in charge. However the records assistants and records statistician are the only professionals in this field. A number of problems are fuced in managing of records, these include, poor storage facihties, lack of enough storage space, misfiling and loss of records and lack of a person dedicated entirely to records management The records managers are responsible for generating reports out of the records that were created. records created for submission to the DDHS are weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports, Health reporting is faced with an umber of problems which include among others: lack of transport, lack of stationary, use of manual system and lack of enough training in health reporting. These problems have resulted in failure of health units to meet national targets of completeness and timeliness. This in turn affects the decision making process at district, level and the quality of health services rendered by the ministry.
A dissertation submitted in partial, fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of the degree of social works an social administration, Kampala International University
Records management, Health reporting, Bukuku health sub district, Kabarole district, Uganda