Employee productivity and performance of lira district local government

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Kampala International University, school of Economics and Management
This research was done with the purpose of the study is to examine the influence of absenteeism on employees’ productivity in Lira District Local Government, Production Department. The definition of both the independent variable and the dependent variable were discussed together with the factors affecting productivity of staff. The following were the specific objectives; to examine how motivation of workers affect productivity in Lira District Local Government, to assess the extent to which working conditions affect productivity in Lira District Local Government and to analyze the effect of training on productivity of workers in Lira district local government. A combination of cross-sectional and descriptive research design was used applying both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The study population was 100 being a total population. Out of these a sample of 90 individuals was selected by employing simple random and purposive sampling techniques. The findings revealed that, there is lack of motivation, poor working condition and lack of adequate training for staff which has affected their productivity and has led to high staff turnover, absenteeism, and job dissatisfaction. Besides motivation, working condition and training for staff, there are other factors that affect staff productivity such as remuneration, lack of skills, shortages of resources amongst other factors that affect staff productivity. In a bid to improve the staff productivity, the district management should ensure; job description should be spelt out for all staff, induction should be carried out for all staff, remuneration of staff should be improved, staff be accorded formal recognition, refresher courses be organized for staff.
A research report submitted to the faculty of business and management as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the bachelor degree of business administration of Kampala International University
Employee productivity, Performance, Lira district local government