The prevalence of HIV among the mentally ill patients, a case study of Kampala International University Teaching Hospital Western Campus

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
This research carried out an investigation into the prevalence of HIV among the mentally ill patients, a case study of Kampala international University teaching hospital western campus. The purpose of study was to investigate on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the mentally ill patients; the specific objectives of the study were identifying the number of mentally ill patients who are HIV/AIDS positive; establishing the relationship between mental illness and HIV/AIDS infection and explore the measures taken to reduce on the mental health problems. The significance of the study was that study would create awareness to the ministry of health and the community and the increasing number of the people with cases related to the mental illness. This help in designing possible means to address this problem and that the study would be important to the student himself because it is a partial fulfillment of the award of bachelor in medicine and surgery. The methods which were used to collect the data from the field involved questionnaire and guided discussion. The findings revealed that finding revealed that the number of people with mental illness and HIV/AIDS infection was (11%) which is an indication of the prevalent of HIV/AIDS among psychiatric patients with HIV/AIDS infection and was due to drug abuse, stress and poverty. Further findings found out that there is relationship between HIV/AIDS as evidenced by the fact that HIV/AIDS results into stress, isolation which are the major drivers to mental illness. The findings revealed further that some measures can be taken to reduce mental illness among the HIV/AIDS patients and these included health education, stopping drug abuse and stigma by the community. It was therefore recommended that there should health education to community by health government personnel about the need of the community to always go for blood testing from recognized health places and that the community should be cautioned to stop relying on traditional doctors on health issue.
A research report submitted to School Of Allied Health Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health at Kampala International University Western Campus
Prevalence of HIV, Mentally ill patients, Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, Western Campus