Assessment of East Africa Community Economic Integration and Soda Economic Development in Kenya

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Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Science
The study aimed at assessing East Africa Community (EAC) economic integration and socio- economic development in Kenya .The study was guided by the following objectives: The Challenges faced by Kenya in its involvement in regional economic integration, to determine economic integration influence on socio-economic development in Kenya and to find out Benefits for Kenya in the full economic integration of EAC The study used descriptive research design. The researcher selected 88 respondents from the target population using Slovin’s formula. The questionnaires were used as the main instrument for data collection which consisted of structured questions. Data was analyzed using SPSS with tabulation on the frequencies. The finding of the study shows that the main challenge for economic integration was work permit to skilled labor; so as to give opportunity to labor competence within EAC, National identity documentation which is common is not there this shows that the population in the area are not having similar identification for easy crossing boarder and The tariff and trade barriers between the member states of EAC. The recommendations in the study are; political goodwill should be put in to place in order to continue the integration process in East Africa Community. In order to achieve economic integration, people must have the required ability, experience and knowledge to make the best use of facilities available. Lastly Kenya must avoid all factors that can hinder the process of integration, so as to take part the full integration process in East Africa Community.
A Thesis Presented to the school of Postgraduate studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the award Of Degree Master of Arts in Development Studies
East Africa Community, Economic Integration, Soda Economic Development, Kenya