Computerized database management system in Mukwaya General Hospital, Kampala

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Health contributes to the wellbeing of the people in the country, many people suffer from many sicknesses making them to visit hospitals for treatment, medical centers, health units, clinics and many other health providing institutions in Uganda. In order to provide best quality, efficient and effective health facilities to patients, hospitals, and other health services providers should adapt technology in carrying out the managerial activities in hospital so as to provide efficient retrieval and easy searching of information for effective management performance. Mukwaya general hospital (MGI-I) is one of the hospitals in Uganda licensed by the Ministry of Health and it is involved in the provision of health services of emergency nature, hospitalization and routine outpatient Computerized Hospital Management system is a web-based computerized system that electronically stores data and relevant information in regards to hospital management. The system processes patient forms, managerial records such as finance, human resource, laboratory and hospitalization records especially in wards to allow efficient retrieval and data storage. lie system provides high security and data safety capabilities through the implementation of activate and deactivate commands used by a system administrator to grant permission to staffs on system’s resources compared to paper files which are liable to threats such as theft, data duplication, lost through fire hazards, rats and so many other threats to mentioned but a few. the objectives and goal of Computerized Hospital Management System will be achieved by using Rapid prototyping methodology, it will be used for collecting various fact-finding methods like interviews and observations, different software and hardware tools, programming logic and a rigorous testing procedure. The system aims at improving the level of efficiency of data management and Hospital activities by the Doctors and nurses.
A research report submitted to the College of Applied Sciences and Technology in partial fulfillment for the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Information Technology of Kampala International University
Computerized Database, Management System, Mukwaya General Hospital