Rapid product and service development as the key factor to Competitive advantage in multinational companies in Uganda the case of Utl

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The purpose of this study was to establish the extent to which Uganda telecom Limited (UTL) has adopted the rapid product development strategy to out compete the competition in the Telecommunication industry. This was done by investigating the product development strategies UTL utilised. Products and services are the most important elements of a marketing program product strategy required an evaluation of the basic needs and conditions of use in the company's existing and proposed markets, together with an evaluation and appraisal of the companies' basic strengths and weaknesses. This research intends to solve the problems that arise as a result of rapid product and service development and also to formulate a strategy that will be used to attaining competitive advantage in multinationals companies using the case of (UTL) within Uganda. In this research a case study design was employed. The target population was made up of UTL employees of all levels and a sample of 80 respondents was chosen using purposive techniques. Data was collected using a self administered questioner composed of open ended and closed ended items. The findings revealed that UTL had adopted a number of Product Development Strategies (PDS) for example the product i1movation and creation, product valuation and product differentiation. The study further established that UTL products goes through three stages that is, low demand, growth and maturity. The product development strategies were also found to be effective. The study recommended that UTL continue enhancing and improving its products in line with this strategies. Also the study recommended the need for market research in connection with the tastes and performance in the market.
A dissertation submitted to the School Of Economics And Applied Statistics in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the A ward Of Bachelor Of Arts In Economics Of Kampala International
Rapid product, Service development, UTL, Uganda