Prevalence and factors associated pneumonia among children below five years attending pediatric ward at Bushenyi health center IV, Bushenyi district.

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
INTRODUCTION: Pneumonia is a life threateni;ig lower respiratory tract infection caused by a variety of microorganisms that include viruses, bacteria, or fungi. In Uganda, pneumonia, along with malaria and diarrhea, is a leading cause of death among children. STUDY OBJECTIVE: The main objective was to determine the prevalence and factors associated with pneumonia among Children below 5 years attending Pediatrics ward at Bushenyi Health Center IV between the months of April and May 2017 .. METHOD: A mixed cross-sectional hospital based study was conducted usmg a prepared questionnaire in English language to collect demographic data, socioeconomic and economic risk factors. RESULTS: Out of 135 participants, 27.4% of the participants had pneumonia and 72.6% had no pneumonia. Socioeconomic factors were as, 78.5% of the study participants were from rural areas while 21.5% were urban dwellers. 34.1 % of the Mothers and 31.1 % fathers had not completed primary school. 23.7% of fathers and only 5.9% of mothers were still learning higher level program. 28.1 % fathers to these children were farmers. Ownership of household properties were TVs (57%), Radios (75.6%), cattle (48.9%), poultry (72.6%), Bicycles (71.9%). Environmental factors were as; Charcoal and wood where 45%, 0.7% use crop wastes. 61.5% live in non cemented houses, 99.2% of living rooms have at least one window, and 80% are separated from the living room. 23.7% on their mothers' back while cooking and 6.7% report smoking of whom 4.4% smoker the house. CONCLUSION: The present study has identified a comparatively high prevalence of pneumonia in O -5 years old children. It also pointed out modifiable risk factors of pneumonia as socio-economical status of the people and public health activities such as use of improved stoves for cooking should be implemented. RECOMMENDATION: The study recommends that while improving the socio-economical status of the people through the poverty eradication programmes is welcome, this can take a long time to bear fruit and also Use of firewood should be discouraged but instead alternative
A research dissertation submitted The School of Health Sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirement for Award of Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health of Kampala International University, Uganda.
Prevalence, pneumonia, pediatric, children