The Impact of Social Work Practice and Quality of Life Among the Elderly Case Study Nakawa Division Kampala District:

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Kampala International University, Colleges of humanities and social sciences
The study aimed at identifying the impact of social work practice on quality of life among the elderly. Case study Nakawa division Kampala district. The objectives of the study were; to determine the role of social work practice in ensuring quality of life among the elderly in Nakawa division, to identify the challenges social work practice face in ensuring quality of life among the elderly in Nakawa division and to find out the solutions to the challenges Social workers face in ensuring quality of life among the elderly in Nakawa division. This study employed the descriptive survey design specifically the descriptive comparative and descriptive correlational strategies. It deals with the relationship between variables, testing of hypothesis and development of generalizations and use of theories that have universal validity. It also involved events that have already taken place and may be related to present conditions (Kothari, 2004) Further, descriptive surveys are used to discover causal relationships (descriptive correlational), differences (descriptive comparative), to provide precise quantitative description and to observe behavior (Treece & Treece, 1987) The findings showed that 56.7 of the respondents Strongly Agreed with the view that social work practice ensures crisis Intervention Skills, 25% Agreed, lO% Strongly Disagreed and 8.3% Disagreed. The researcher was unable to find a good instrument for this survey, which means possible areas of evaluation may have been missed or overlooked. It’s recommended that future researchers should conduct a pilot of the instrument before using it. Some of the issues with this instrument was that terms overlapped one another, such as client feedback tool and assessment tool. Furthermore, allowing respondents to “choose all that apply” limited the ability to identify how many respondents identified each possible response. In future studies, researchers could try to compile other useful surveys that would strengthen the instrument. This would also allow further in-depth review of the evaluation process. Finally, rewording questions would eliminate the possibility of these errors.
A Research Report Submitted to The College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirement for Award of Bachelors of Social Work and Social Administration of Kampala International University.
Social Work Practice, Elderly, Quality of Life, Nakawa Division Kampala District: