Design and implementation of a web based flight and shipping logistics management system: a case study of Kenlloyd Logistics

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
When dealing with Flight and shipping there are substantial risks and potential for disaster in the form of environmental problems, bankruptcy, and delivery failure, lack of materials, poor performance or even product defects. Monitoring a web-based flight and shipping management system performance on an ongoing basis will help organizations mitigate some of the risks faced with suppliers. This dissertation was therefore concerned with the planning, design; development and implementation of a a web-based flight and shipping management system that would help a company avoid costly and potentially devastating supply disruptions. Kenlloyd Logistics Limited was used as the case study organization which is using an excel work book to track its requisitions and supplier information. The methodology used for the study comprised of the research and development methodology. Different tools like interviews and questionnaire were used for data collection, Dynamic Essential Modeling of Organization for the analysis and coming up with the new system requirements, the Software Development Life cycle and Unified Modeling Language was also to design the system which was implemented using Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL server This benefits of this system is that there will be improved collaboration between the organization and the suppliers, improved relationships among stakeholders, then enhanced security and data accuracy and finally improved turnaround time among others
A graduation project proposal submitted to the College of Applied Sciences and Technology in partial fulfillment for requirement for the Award of Degree of bachelor of Information Technology in Kampala International University
Design and Implementation of a web based flight, Shipping Logistics Management System, Kenlloyd Logistics