Customer relationship management (CRM) and consumer buying behavior (CBB): case study of Uchumi Super Market Main Branch, Kampala

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Customer relationship management (CRM) and consumer buying behavior (CBB): case study of Uchumi Super Market Main Branch, Kampala
The concept of customer relationship management and buying behavior is not new to the business organizations. In the present business scenario, both of these concepts have become a necessary part of the businesses due to the increasing demand of these concepts in global market. Better implementation of CRM in an organization provides competitive advantage to the customers. Alongside this discussion, CRM process is an important tool to retain customers for a long period and this process is used by many companies. Different drivers are there to attract and retain customers for a long-period. In order to better analyze the issues at hand, this study was guided by four main objectives. The first was to evaluate the need of the origin and role of CRM. The second objective was to understand Uchumi's CRM model to understand future research opportunities. The third objective was investigating the theoretical framework and model related to CRM and consumer's buying behavior and interrelationship of both of these concepts. The final objective was to study the role of successful CRM process and its importance to help in cross functional activities of Uchumi. Based on the characteristics of the study, the research was conducting by using both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. This research used case study strategy, semi structured interviews and questionnaire. Throughout the study data was collected by using different methods which reflected that triangulation was largely utilized in research. A thematic approach was used to analyze the result from structured interviews and structured questionnaires. It is because I believed that it is only the best way to analyzing qualitative information. Research findings suggest that CRM has a large impact on consumer buying behavior. If Uchumi understands this concept, it can easily earn several benefits in the long-term. It is find that regular interaction with consumers, 27 /4 hour CRM services, brand value, goodwill and reputation are some factors that helps in changing the buying behavior of the customers. In addition, this research highlighted the relation between research findings and objectives and provides recommendations like implementation of security mechanism, reducing queuing time of consumers, etc.
Research dissertation submitted to the College Of Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration of Kampala International University
Customer, Relationship, Management, Consumer, Buying behavior, Kampala