Role of social work on community rehabilitation: a case study Of Bukhofu Sub-County, Manafwa District, Eastern Uganda.

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The research was set to establish social work and its effects on development of Bukhofu community; it was guided by objectives that included the challenges encountered, establishing intervention strategies and assessing the role of social work in development of Bukhofu subcounty. The researcher used a cross sectional research design both quantitative and qualitative approaches in data collection. The data was collected using questionnaires from the respondents of Bukhofu sub-county who were 80 in number through a research questionnaire. The key findings were that challenges are faced in social work key to which include limited number of social workers, limited funding, poverty among others. This prompted the researcher to seek respondents views on strategies for improving social work that included Promote local participation, Provision of funding , Professional development of social workers , scaling up mobilization and sensitization of the local communities through use of innovative approaches scaling up advocacy and lobbying, collaboration and coordination , Cultural sensitivity , taking service Centers to the rural areas. Above all was an assessment of the role of social work in community development that was validated with 60% of the respondents through factors that included improving health and extension of services to people and empowerment among others that constitutes the study. Basing on the findings, the researcher advances the following recommendations. The prevalence of challenges in the social work with 83.3% calls for combined efforts by government departments , social workers , NGOs and other stakeholders to provide parameters for improving social work in Manafwa District. There is need by the department at the district to staff the social work department given its importance so as to streamline social work provisions in Manafwa district. This will help to solve the problem limited number of social workers in the district. The argument by 40% of the respondents who do not agree with social work as a contributor of development in Bukhofu sub-county, calls for critical analysis of social work field and other parameters that can contribute to the development in order to realize development in Manafwa district. The social work activities should therefore be strengthened and widened to realize development in Manafwa district. The social work interventions raised by the researcher and respondents need to be adopted in their terms to help in curbing challenges
A research dissertation submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences as a partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work and Social Administration of Kampala International University
Social work, community, Rehabilitation, Manafwa District