Causes of stress among aged people in Kariakoo village Dare-salaam Tanzania

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Kampala international University college of humanities and social science
This study was purposely carried out by a researcher as a result of overwhelming number of stress afflicted old aged people whose plight are not given probable attention. It seems as our elders are no longer viewed as integral part of the society, and we would rather live without. This study was carried out on that grounded theory and researcher was keen to investigate on some major factors which can led to the development of stress among old aged people.Main purpose of the study was to investigate the causes of stress among aged people. The study covered Kariakoo village, in Daresalaam, the area was purposely selected because of familiarity to the researcher which can facilitate in conducting data collection process. Data collection methodologies were questionnaires, interview, focus group discussion and documentary analysis. The study was guided by three hypotheses namely; negative attitudes towards aging attributes to development of stress among elders, economic hardship dependency led to stress among elders, and family based care mode is ideal for caring of seniors. The finding of all hypotheses were accepted and researcher was in a position to conclude that negative attitudes can be, among others, contribute to loneliness and isolation, two factors which are conducive to development of stress among old age. Additionally, economic hardship is also a major cause of stress among elders and family based mode of caring is the ideal considering elders are part and parcel of the family .Researcher eventually was able to recommend some tentative measures to be taken by multiple stakeholders to improvise the situation, or to make senior’s life less stressful and easy to live. Government among others was recommended to embark on better use of mass media to sensitize the plight of old aged people, and also to initiate a dissemination of information on preparing people to enter old age stage. Recommendation was also directed to families as to ensure good care of seniors since it is within the family that they can attain peace of mind, and stress free life. Also NGO’s were among group touched by researcher’s recommendation where by it was suggested that they should strategize on how to help old aged people. And lastly, Researchers and Academicians were also recommended that to investigate further on the subject.
A thesis submitted to the school of postgraduate studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of master of arts in development studies of Kampala International university
Stress, Age people, Daresalaam Tanzania