A customer relationship management system for small and medium enterprises: a case study of Kagodo feeds limited

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Kampala international international: School of computing and Information technology
A small and medium enterprise is a business started by few individuals on a small scale. An enterprise can be of any kind but this time we are dealing about Kagodo feeds limited meaning pigs. This kagodo feeds limited is located in Makindye along salama road. The project about monitoring and managing data in a small or medium enterprise setting Kagodo feeds limited as a case study. The technologies employed are selected according to availability and edse of use. This computerized system has been developed to deal with some of the problems faced by current procedure Kagodo feeds records entry. As a way of solving the above problems, a computerized system has been introduced where there will be easy accessibility of data, reliability and security. The project addressed a major problem that is being faced by such types of companies in Uganda. The Ministry of Agriculture in Uganda is making endeavors to incorporate the use of technology in this digital era to provide better services to such companies and also better management of the area cooperative data in an effective manner. It was concluded that although Uganda is technologically developing, many poultry companies have not incorporated technology in their operations. Due to increasing numbers of poultry companies who require attention and the limited staff who are present, the efficiency and effectiveness of these cooperatives heavily hampered. The required efficiency cannot be achieved through manual methods but requires technologically innovations like KFM RMS to boast their performance. It was recommended that the system users should be trained on how the system works and how they interact with the system. Staff members should be trained on the functionality of the system. There should be education on the effective use of passwords this is mainly for the system administrator.
A project report submitted to the school of computer studies in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the award of the degree of bachelors of information technology of Kampala international university
Information technology, Customer relationship management system, Small and medium enterprises, Kagodo feeds limited